Airport Excellence … the insider with a neutral 360° view from the outside

Our services are tailor made for Regional airports that would like to find satisfying results quickly and with few efforts.  Check it out… Consulting services.pdf

Scrutinise… “we always did it this way“ no longer counts; challenging questions are better asked from someone new; a good question can lead to achieving a goal faster

Fresh thinking…  together with the client or alone in secrecy, always with an expert’s eye and a neutral 360° view

Develop solution proposals and accompany implementation…  it will be shown how to approach a new task best, in a way that it can be presented directly to stakeholders; decisions can be taken more easily and faster because comprehensive feasibility studies will be elaborated (different scenarios are considered and roughly calculated)

The huge range of experiences is based on the variety of jobs that Max occupied during the last two decades. CV Max.pdf