Aha?! Web sites of airports – different content on landing pages

I just clicked through some web sites of European regional airports and it seemed that there are three different styles of landing pages

  1. The flight information sites
  2. The airport image sites (some of them focused on the possibility to book flights or services)
  3. The journey-inspiration site (they either show destinations to be reached from the airport or promote the region that surrounds the airport)

The inspiration sites are clearly outnumbered which is why I would like to share some with you that I really liked.

The Lyon airport shows information with regards to the outgoing destinations but focuses on the city of Lyon as incoming destination.

Pula airport in Croatia links its airport clearly to the surrounding region.

The same does Treviso airport in Italy.

Meanwhile Liverpool airport draws interests in going on vacation…

…and Memmingen directly proposes (a) certain destination(s)


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