Runway Renovation Days in Klagenfurt 09/2016

In September 2016, Max and his colleagues had gained considerable experience during the planning process of the project “runway renovation” and built up an extensive network of relevant experts. They wanted others to benefit from their knowledge and network they had acquired and support all of those who were faced with similar upcoming runway renovation projects.

Therefore Max (CEO at Kärnten Airport back then) organized the KÄRNTEN AIRPORT „RUNWAY RENOVATION DAYS“ which took place in September 2016 during the construction phase of the runway renovation. Max gathered high level speakers from other airports such as Varna, Budapest, Vilnius and Kaunas as well as an industry´s expert from NACO. More than 40 participants from Germany, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Ukraine and Austria used this opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the project, meet European experts, planners and managers from other European airports and got a first-hand inside view of the whole runway renovation project cylce.

Options, workflow and project management issues from the first conceptual approach to requirement definition and operational issues were discussed during the workshop.

more info about the workshop…

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